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Do we really have to change the way we write software?  A change is usually needed if you are being plagued with errors that affect the customer..  Fortunately, the required change can be as gradual as needed. The Programmable Software Development Environment  can prepare source code that is totally compatible with previously developed software and in most cases, it can be used to test previously developed software.

Will I continue to write programs in C++?  Yes, but not as often.  The vast majority of the C++ code will be contained in the kits. These kits can be used to form a baseline with a long life without change and will greatly simplify the development and maintenance tasks.

What about GUI’s?   The Programmable Software Development Environment was never intended for the design of GUI’s.  There are many good visual based tools to accomplishing this task.  Significant design and test benefits can be obtained by restricting the GUI objects to the presentation and receipt of data.  The Programmable Software Development Environment is then used to efficiently develop and test the data processing routines.

Can we write programs for different source language?   Yes!  Software parts can be made to produce any source language that is defined by an ASCII text file.   Furthermore, these parts and their libraries can be designed such no change in the product definition files will be required to change the output source language or operating system. 

How will it affect our customers?   The use of standard kits will greatly improve the quality and reliability of the product. Kits for the detection of, minimizing the damage from and reporting execution failures have been designed which greatly reduce the time required to correct a problem discovered at the customer site.

What about different development environments?  The Programmable Software Development Environment can be used with any common IDE such as  Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.  The Monte-Carlo test capability is usable in any development environment in which an executable can be created (compiled, linked, etc)  from the command line.

What about ISO9001?   The Programmable Software Development Environment can be of great benefit to an ISO9001 quality program. 

  • Involving QA in the development of the kits will give them a very proactive role in the quality of the product. 

  • The user organization has complete control of all aspects of the engineering process.  There is no needed for a “partnership” with What If We or any other organization.

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