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The What If We Programmable Software Development Environment creates up to 16 source files for each source generation file using a collection of software kit files contained in a set of software kit libraries.  This tool has greatly increased the quality of the software design process by providing:
  • FLEXIBILITY: All of the source generation and software kit files are prepared by a text editor such as Notepad.  These files are not, in anyway, constrained by any modeling technology. They can be prepared to meet the requirements of any project or organization.

  • DISCIPLINE: The programming effort is divided into two discrete steps; the generation of e software kit libraries and the use of these libraries in various projects.  This process quickly produces a set of enforceable software standards for the organization.

  • ENFORCEABLE Q/A PROGRAM: Including Software Quality Assurance Engineering in the development and maintenance of the Software Kit Libraries will result in an Proactive Quality Assurance Program and strict compliance with the principles of ISO-9001.

  • DEVELOPMENT COST REDUCTION:  The exclusive use of Software Kit Libraries in the development process maximized the benefits from the accumulated experience of the organization while reducing the effort required to develop and checkout a product.

  • SUB-CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT:  A sub-contractor can be constrained to the Contracting Organization's Software Methods and Quality Standards by requiring them to use the associated Software Kit Libraries.

  • PORTABILITY:  Strict Portability in the product definition files  between different operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc) and different source languages (C, C++, C#, etc.) is achievable.

The Programmable Software Development Environment has greatly facilitated:
  • The development of a comprehensive PMFL (Performance Monitoring and Fault Location) sub-system for continuously testing a program for proper operation over its entire life.
  • The preparation of self-documenting source code.
  • Preparing multiple versions of the same program.
  • The use of simple precedence compliant state machines.

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